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Eva Peron necklace and postage stamp

Picture of the Eva Peron (Evita) stamp exhibition.

Reproduction of Argentina postage stamps in silver 925. The "20 Pesos" green stamp is an original engraved stamp issued in 1948 showing the face of Eva Peron wearing a nacklace. The original necklace from the stamp was sold in an auction: "The ruby necklace offered here was clearly a favorite piece of hers as it is seen in official portraits such as the Argentine postage stamps" (Christie's auction site). According with Christie's auction, the diamond-ruby necklace was created in year about 1890 was sold for US$ 466000 in 2003. 

This Eva Peron stamp contains a very small hidden letters "P.N." in the bottom left (above the letter "R" from "Argentina"). This "PN" is the initials of the name of Pietro Nicastro (stamp engraver from Italy).

Stamp inscriptions: "20 Pesos - Correos - Eva Peron - Argentina - Casa de Moneda de la Nacion".

There is also a non-engraved version of this stamp, issued later:

(Imperforated 3 Pesos green stamp, block of 4 stamps - Eva Peron)


Hand drawn sketch for the stamp.


Printing plate for the Eva Peron stamp. Reversed (mirror) plate.

Argent silver stamp reproduction - Eva Peron - Comemorative stamp

Post by The Stamp Collection Postbit (2014-01-29 17:30)

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