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Ex-Libris based on an ancient Armenian postage stamp

My personal Ex-Libris created based on an old Armenian postage stamp.

The original stamp from where this ex libris is based is:
Country: Armenia (Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic)
Image: Siren, Mythological Monster with wings and human face (winged mermaid)
Year 1921
Scott catalog number (sc# A11); Yvert catalog number: 106
Facial value: 25 rubles.

Original stamp drawing by Sarkis Khachatryan (?) (Саркиса Хачатряна), picture of  Harpies (Harpy / Siren), winged mermaid, a bird soul with human face in the Greek mythology and may be part of Armenian folk tales. Bas-reielf from the Armenian city of Ani (?).

The stamp contains some inscriptions in the Armenian alphabet.

Ex Libris version created by Rodrigo Siqueira.

Some old ilustrations of Armenian folk tales (e.g. paintings and artworks by Martiros Saryan) contains humanoid birds.

Other Armenian postage stamp with human-faced bird from the Ani city sculptures:


Illustration of Armenian folk tales / fairy tale by the Martiros Saryan (Armenian artist), 1937. Picture of a man grabbing the legs of the woman-bird Simurgh stamp. Prince Ivan Tsarevich and the Fire Bird.  The Firebird creature is half-woman and half-bird.

Gamayun is also a bird with woman face and peacock tail, a prophetic bird of Russian and Slavic folklore.  
Also known as Alkonost and Senmurv (Simorgh).

Post by The Stamp Collection Postbit (2013-12-12 18:15)

From: Cristina2013
Eu me sinto e sou essa imagem 2013-12-24 08:55

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