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List of philately websites

List of stamps and philatelic related websites:

Blogs about postage stamps, official post offices from many countries, stamp stores, stamps pictures and list of stamp collector websites.

Post by The Stamp Collection Postbit (2013-03-21 01:12)

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New domain extension for postal

The first .post domain is now available: The Italian Postal service is the first website using this new domain extension that was created in August 2012.

This new first level Internet domain dot post (.post) domain extension is restricted to use by postal services sector and it's sponsored by UPU (Universal Postal Union).

This new "" website was created in commemoration of 150 years of the Italian postal services (1862-2012) and it's featuring the day "9 October" as the World Post Day. The main site image/logo show some world's postage stamps.

"The .Post project represents the natural evolution of the Universal Postal Union mission to create a single global postal territory, overcoming physical borders, transposed in the digital world."

Other postal services are starting to use the .post domain, for example "" (International Postal Express Mail Service, by UPU postal operators). View more domains and sites using .post Internet extension.

Post by The Stamp Collection Postbit (2012-12-03 15:49)

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Where to buy stamps ?

The places where I like to buy postage stamps online are:

Ebay ( and Delcampe ( There are many cheap stamps and I received (by mail) almost all stamps that I bought there. I usually pay with Paypal (when using ebay). When using Delcampe store, I also can pay with Skrill (ex-Moneybookers), that is a service to send and receive money online.

I usually prefer buying stamps using Delcampe store, usually they are cheaper and have more stamps available, both new, old, used, unused and I found there some really beautiful, rare and great pieces to my stamp collection.

The picture shows a screenshot from Delcampe marketplace website, a place where you can "buy now" stamps (fixed price) or purchase stamps by auction. You can sort results by price, recent stamps or closing soon (auctions) and also search by category, country, stamp name and full description.

Post by The Stamp Collection Postbit (2012-11-21 18:03)

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Errors in Postage Stamps

Finding errors in postage stamps is a joy. Here is a small collection of interesting errors in stamps. Errors can be of concept or print errors (wrong colors, inverted stamps)

USA - Inverted Jenny

The most famous error in postage stamp is this issue of U.S.Postage, 24 cents, known as "The Inverted Jenny" with an airplane printed upside down. This stamp (with error) is very rare was sold for more than US$ 1 million. It was issued in 1918.

France - 1937

Decartes stamp, comemorative of 300 years of his book "Discourse on the Method":
Wrong version: "Discours sur la méthode descartes"
Corrected in a later issue: "Discours de la Méthode" ?

Design by Henry Cheffer

The corrected Rene Descartes Stamp - Discours de la Méthode:

Fiji, 1938:

Where is the boatman ?

Corrected in a later issue:

Spain - 1950 - Sevilla - 1930 - Pro Union Iberoamericana.

Stamp with print error:

Correct stamp:


Monaco stamp, 1947 - Roosvelt collecting stamps with 6 fingers in his left hand.

He is examining a stamp with a magnifying glass (may be to also find some errors in his stamps?).

Exposition du Centenaire 1847-1947
Poste Aérienne (Air Post)
Facial value: 50 cents (50c)

Stamp engraved by Pierre Gandon (GANDON DEL. - Barlangue sc)

Detail from the six fingers in Roosvelt's hand:

The other "error" in this stamp is that he is not using philatelic tongs. It's not recommended to handle stamps directly with your own fingers.


Republique Francaise - RF - Du Tchad au Rhin issue stamp, 1946
Count the camels' legs... The camel with 3 legs error.
Stamp engraved by "Decaris", of the Paris Institute of Gravure.
This stamp was issued in many countries (French colonies): Cameroun, Guadeloupe, French Reunion, Madagascar, Indochina, New Caledonia, Côte des Somalies, Wallis et Futuna, Martinique and others.
Never corrected.

Cameroun stamp with 3-leg camels


Martinique stamp with 3-leg camels


Post by The Stamp Collection Postbit (2012-10-19 17:46)

From: Norman Malkin
I have a booklet of 25 Eisenhower 8 cent stamps, priced at $2.00 which were misaligned when they were cut to booklet-size, creating one proper row and two partial rows of stamps. Could someone advise what value such a booklet has and who might be interested in purchasing it ? 2016-01-18 13:08 2012-10-20 20:27

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Stamp collecting book: Stories From Postage Stamps

Stamp collecting in family.

Old ilustration from the book "Stories From Postage Stamps - Where and How to Search for Rare Old Stamps Worth Fortunes - How to Start a Stamp Collection and How to Organize a Stamp Club".



Where and how to search for rare old stamps worth fortunes.
How to start a stamp collection and how to organize a stamp club.

Page 2. Around the World with Stamps. Featuring the folowing countries and stamps:
Russia: Moscow Subway
Mongolia: Capturing wild horse
Norway: Fjord
Fiji: Native canoe
Bulgarie: Woman Plowing
St.Pierre et Miquelon: Dog team
Mauritanie: Desert family
Canada: The Bluenose
Austria: Skiing
Iraq: Arabian Row Boat

Page 3. A message for the whole family - about the World's Most Fascinating Hobby.

Page 4. Some world famous collectors
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lily Pons, Roger W. Babson, Herbert Clark Hoover, Admiral Frederic R. Harris, Theodore E. Steinway, Adolphe Menjou, Octavus Roy Cohen.

Page 5. The fiery throne - The story of a Hungarian peasant Gyorgy Dozsa, who aspired to be king and met his death upon a fiery throne.

Page 6. Tales from Mythology - as recalled by the Greek Airpost Issue if 1935.
Why africans are Black;
The Goddess of Wisdom;
The Fall of Bellerophon;
Messenger of the Gods;
The First Mortals to Fly;
How the Hellespont Got Its Name;
Tritolemus and the Flying Dragons;
Zeus Solves the Servant Problem;
Goddess of the Rainbow;

Page 10. The Bloody Balkans - Assassination in Serbia
The famed "Serbian Death Mask Stamp" appeared in 1903 following the assassination of King Alexander Obrenovic - a cruel, callous monarch, tainted by hereditary insanity.
The spark that set the world afire.

Page 11. Mail, Guns, and Ponies. Pony Express.

Page 12. The Postal Zoo

Page 15. The stamp that moved the Panama Canal

Page 16. The Fabulous Emperor

Page 17. The Story of Inflation

Page 18. Stamp Treasure Hunting - Where and how to search for rare old stamps worth fortunes

Page 21. World's Rarest Stamp - British Guiana Postage - One Cent

Page 22. The Romance of the Airmail

Page 23. How to start a stamp collection

Page 27. Men of Art and Science in postage stamps

Page 28. How to Organize a Stamp Club
You will find that the hobby of stamp collecting is twice as much fun if you make a practice of talking and swapping stamps with other collectors. The best way to accomplish this is by belonging to a stamp club, for a club enables you to increase your knowledge of stamps, dispose of your duplicates in exchange for stamps you want, and participate in enjoyable club activities, all at the same time. If there is not already a stamp club in your neighborhood, it should be an easy matter of get several friends together to form one.

Suggestion for club meetings:
Every club will naturally arrange its program to suit itself. We offer the following remarks merely as suggestions to be adapted to your won plans.
Meetings should be held regularly, and for most clubs, the best interval would seem to be every other week. If possible, the club should secure a permanent meeting place: perhaps a room in the local library, or a basement, attic, or garage donated by a member. If such a club-room is not available, the meetings can be held in turn at homes of the various members, where, by the way, some obliging wife or mother will usually be glad to serve at the appointed time that indispensable feature of all group meetings - the refreshments.
Fees for club members should be moderate: jus tenough to enable the club to subscribe to one or more stamp magazines and to furnish (in the absence of the obliging wife or mother mentioned above) the "eats"
Never forget that the primary purpose of a stamp club is pleasure, and that anyting which is disagreeable or boring to the majority of the members (long and dull speeches, for example) should be carefully avoided. Get the official business over with as quickly as possible, and let the fun begin. Games raffles, auctions, humorous speeches or articles, stamp treasure hunts, etc., will do infinitely more for a stamp club than dragging out the dry-as-dust formalities of official business. Here are a few suggestions:

- Trading Stamps: A large part of every meeting should be devoted to stamp trading. The members sit down informally to look at each other's collections and duplicates, and to exchange stamps. This is one of the greatest advantages of belonging to a stamp club, for it affords a pleasant way to get rid of your duplicates, acquire new stamps, examine your friends' collections and show them your own.
- Guessing Contest: A bowl of stamps is displayed, and each member writes a guess as to the number of stamps in the bowl. The person who makes the nearest guess wins the stamps. A lot of the cheapest stamps obtainable, with some good ones mixed in, is ideal for such a guessing contest.
- Stamp Treasure Hunt: Packages of stamps are hidden in all parts of the room. Club members search for them, keeping what they find for their collection. Use some really good stamps and also, to create amusement, some utterly worthless ones.
- Stamp Grab Bag: Each person draws a stamp package, sight unseen, from a bag or box. Use worthwhile "grabs" and incluse one specially fine prize and one worthless "booby" prize. Wrap the booby prize in a grand manner: many boxes within boxes, for example, at last revealing a common one-cent stamp, or a single hinge! The stamps to be used in the above-mentioned stunts can be purchased by the club treasury, or each member can pay a small sum to defray the cost.
- Auction Sale: This is an ever-delightful stunt for stamp clubs. Stamps are put up for sale by various members and "knocked down" to the highest bidder. A comission of from 10% to 20% of the selling price is charged and turned over to the club treasury. In this way members can profitably dispose of their duplicates. Many clubs hold auction sales at every meeting and find them an unending source of entertainment, especially where the club humorist is appointed as auctioneer.

For other ideas, we suggest that you obtain a book on party games, and look through it for games that can be adapted to stamp collectors, always using stamps or philatelic supplies for prizes. Remember that the more original your stunts and entertainment, the more people will join your club.

Getting new members

One of the most important club activities should be helping to spread philately: showing other people what stamp collecting is all about, starting new collectors, and getting new members for the club.
Visitors should be frequently invited to club meetings, and encouraged to start stamp collections of their own.
Once a year, at least, the club should hold an exhibition in some public place. Interesting displays, especially fine album pages, stamps and their stories, etc., can be shown. The local library or church may be able to offer a room for this purpose; or a merchant can often be persuaded to donate a display window for the exhibition, in teturn for its advertising value to him. Prizes should be awarded for the best exhibits, and local stamp dealers, who will probably be glad to furnish the prizes, can be enlisted as judges.
From time to time the club should hold "new member" contests; and the person who brings in the largest number of new members should be rewarded with some substantial prize.
The more members you have in your club, the liverlier things will be. It means bigger and better entertainments and auction sales, and more opportunities for swapping duplicates. Remember that the larger the roll of its members, the more interesting and enjoyable a stamp club will be to all who belong to it.

Page 30. Natives of Far-off Lands
Belgian Congo

Post by The Stamp Collection Postbit (2012-10-12 12:46)

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Stamp Shop in Santiago, Chile

Filatelia Clasica: Sellos - Monedas - Plateria

In my last vacations to Santiago (Chile), I bought many stamps engraved by "Jose Moreno Benavente" (1905 -1981), an artist who created many of the most beautiful stamps from Chile and also some bank notes.

This is the shop where I found the stamps:

Filatelia Clasica - Stamp Shop in Santiago Chile - Classic Philately - Stamps, coins, silverware

Av Pedro de Valdivia 51 - (Providencia)
Santiago, Chile

Phone: (56) (2) 2317339
Website: www . filateliaclasica . cl (not working?)
Owner: Francisco Javier Salinas Concha

Example of engraved stamp by Jose Moreno Benavente. Lots of details in the image (enlarge):

- posted by Rodrigo Siqueira


Post by The Stamp Collection Postbit (2012-09-06 13:12)

From: Gary Gill
I am looking for 50 coins that are the 2008 CHIIE type. Do you have any for sale, and if so, how much? Thank you very much. 2014-05-02 22:01

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Pinterest of Stamps

Follow my Pinterest stamp album:

Pinterest postage stamps collection. A Pinterest board with rare stamps and beautiful stamps. Also contains engraved stamps, collections and stamp related material.

Post by The Stamp Collection Postbit (2012-08-17 15:51)

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World's First Stamps

List of World's First Stamps

Amazing collection of the first postal issues of the world. Classical and rare stamps, by continent:






Some of world's first stamps are still relatively easy to find to buy, but many of them are very rare and expensive.

Post by The Stamp Collection Postbit (2012-08-16 14:16)

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Philatelic Literature

Books about postage stamps:

What philately teaches - 1889

Post by The Stamp Collection Postbit (2011-10-05 17:46)

From: mostafa
How many Iraqis lived a hundred years to sell my precious stamp.i am live in iaran. 2012-08-16 12:33

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Stamp artists - Engravers of French postal stamps

The engravers of French Stamps are listed in this page:
Engravers, artists and stamps since the issue of the first French stamp in 1849.
There are hundreds of artists in this list, but my favorite French stamp engravers are those:
  • Pierre Gandon and his father Gaston Gandon
  • Albert Decaris
  • Claude Durrens
  • Henry Cheffer
  • Antonin Delzers

Partial list of French stamp engravers and stamp designers:

Albert Decaris
Achille Ouvré
André Frères
Antonin Delzers
Charles-Paul Dufresne
Claude Durrens
Claude Haley
Claude Hertenberger
Charles Mazelin
Emile Feltesse
Eugène Lacaque
Gabriel-Antoine Barlangue
Georges Bétemps
Georges Hourriez
Henry Cheffer
Jacques Combet
Jacques Gauthier
Pierre Béquet
Pierre Forget
Pierre Gandon
René Cottet
Robert Cami
Pierre Munier
Jean Pheulpin
Jules Piel
Pierre Albuisson
Raoul Serres

Post by The Stamp Collection Postbit (2011-09-13 01:02)

From: mikey
great blog thank you 2013-10-06 19:21

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