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Paper octahedron - Sweden stamp

The octahedron stamp from Sweden was inspired by a paper octahedron.


"Geometric Figures stamp swings between architectural precision and organic undulations." 
Designed by Fideli Sundqvist for the Posten (Sweden Postal Services).
View also more details about this geometric postal stamp and the interview with the stamp designer.
Three stamps for economy mail graced with intriguing geometric figures. "The feeling oscillates between architectural accuracy and organically undulating", to quote from the interview with the designer Fideli Sundqvist. Here she talks about the work itself and the nowadays rare art of cutting out shapes in cardboard.
Paper octahedron instructions:
1. First, I cut out a “skeleton” for the octahedron using a scalpel. An octahedron is a figure with eight corners.
2. After I have cut out the shape I fold all of the sides using a folding stick, which is a white, oblong tool.
3. This is what the octahedron looks like when it is folded but not yet glued together. I also use double-sided tape
4. I now use the folding stick again to hold the paper in place where I want it as the glue dries.
5. This is what the final octahedron looks like. It is important that all of the corners and edges are perfect and in the right place.
6. I used the threedimensional white and the two-dimensional black octahedrons as the proof for the stamps.

Post by The Stamp Collection Postbit (2013-12-08 18:25)

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