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Album: Philatelic Literature

Book - Jean de Bast - Maître Graveur

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Book - Jean de Bast - Maître Graveur
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Jean De Bast

Book title: Jean de Bast - Maître Graveur- sa vie, son oeuvre

Jean de Bast - Meester Graveur - zijn leven, zijn werk
Book title translation: (Jean de Bast - Engraving master - his life, his work)

Book author: Dr.Jacques Stes
72 pages, hardcover. Size: A4.
Uitgave edition - 2005 - Collector Club. Published with support of "Pro-Post".

Book about the life and work of Jean de Bast, one of the world's best stamp engravers, who worked creating many of the most beautiful Belgium postage stamps. He created 106 Belgian postage stamps. The author, Jacques Stes is also fellow of the Académie de Philatélie de Belgique (Belgian Philatelic Academy). This book greatly illustrated and an important reference about the most beautiful Belgian stamps and philatelic history.

This Incredible book has many color pictures of Jean de Bast's works, stamps, essays, stamp proofs, tests, cards, unpublished pieces and more.

See the Belgium stamp collection to find out more of Jean de Bast's work, stamp design and stamp engravings.

This book "Jean de Bast - sa vie son œuvre" is also a work of art.

You can order and buy the book directly with the author, his email is jacques.stes ( at )

The autor Dr. Jacques Stes is member of the Belgian Academy, Belgium Study Circle (London) and member of the Poortman Study Circle. His specialites are: Essays and Proofs of Belgian stamps, Belgian fakes, The Portman issue. He is also author of the book "Belgium Proofs - Descriptive catalogue of the proofs of Belgian stamps" (2010). See his other book about philately: "Essais de Belgique - Belgium Proofs"

Posted with Postbit by The Stamp Collection Postbit at 2012-10-22 00:18

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