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Album: Philatelic Literature

MOI WIELCY ARTYSCI - My Great Artists - Czeslaw Slania and more

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MOI WIELCY ARTYSCI - My Great Artists - Czeslaw Slania and more
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Illustrated book about Szeslaw Slania postage stamps and also works of other engravers like Andrzej Heidrich and Piotr Naszarkowski (engraver of Swedish bank notes).

Book title translation: "My great artists" (original title: "Moi wielcy artysci")

Book about world famous artists that designed banknotes, postage stamps, bookplates and prints. Shows diversity of topics like architecture, painting, engraving, urban design, graphics, sculpture, figure, nature and crafts. Great book for lovers of beauty, hobbyists and collectors.

Language: Bilingual edition. Text both in Polish and English.
Number of Pages: 184
Year: 2009

Dimensions: 296mm x 210mm
Weight: about 1kg
ISBN-13: 9788373991187
ISBN-10: 8373991182


Posted with Postbit by The Stamp Collection Postbit at 2013-12-05 22:03

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