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Album: Russian Stamps

Russian stamp - Killing the Dragon - 1921

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Russian stamp - Killing the Dragon - 1921
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Russian postage stamp - hero defeating the dragon
Year: 1921
Facial value: 40 Rubles

Text from "My First Stamp Album" blog:

This is one of my all-time favorite stamps. It is all done in a small space of 1.5" by 0.5", and yet with a breathtaking sense of lighting, detail, depth and motion. Our handsome young hero, after a long night's battle, has vanquished the dragon. He looks up to greet the dawn of a new day, free from the terror and tyranny of the dragon. In the center there is the sunrise over the sea.

Of course, this is another stamp that's probably best without knowing the historical context. It's from Russia, 1921, a few years after the October Revolution and just one year before the formation of the USSR. Most likely it's shameless propaganda, and not an illustrating a classic folk tale. No matter. It has a timeless, mythic quality that transcends its original intent to become a masterpiece of illustration.


Other interpreation: Communism-inspired Proletariat (the workers) finally defeat the dragon of consumerism (a Soviet-issued stamp from 1921 - a wishful thinking).
Source: Postage Stamps From the Future blog

Dragon stamp designed by Mikhail Illarionovich Antonov (Russian artist) and engraved by Pericles Spiridonovich Ksidias.

Posted with Postbit by The Stamp Collection Postbit at 2012-06-20 17:09

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