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Stamp artists - Engravers of French postal stamps

The engravers of French Stamps are listed in this page:
Engravers, artists and stamps since the issue of the first French stamp in 1849.
There are hundreds of artists in this list, but my favorite French stamp engravers are those:
  • Pierre Gandon and his father Gaston Gandon
  • Albert Decaris
  • Claude Durrens
  • Henry Cheffer
  • Antonin Delzers

Partial list of French stamp engravers and stamp designers:

Albert Decaris
Achille Ouvré
André Frères
Antonin Delzers
Charles-Paul Dufresne
Claude Durrens
Claude Haley
Claude Hertenberger
Charles Mazelin
Emile Feltesse
Eugène Lacaque
Gabriel-Antoine Barlangue
Georges Bétemps
Georges Hourriez
Henry Cheffer
Jacques Combet
Jacques Gauthier
Pierre Béquet
Pierre Forget
Pierre Gandon
René Cottet
Robert Cami
Pierre Munier
Jean Pheulpin
Jules Piel
Pierre Albuisson
Raoul Serres

Post by The Stamp Collection Postbit (2011-09-13 01:02)

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