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Stamp Shop in Santiago, Chile

Filatelia Clasica: Sellos - Monedas - Plateria

In my last vacations to Santiago (Chile), I bought many stamps engraved by "Jose Moreno Benavente" (1905 -1981), an artist who created many of the most beautiful stamps from Chile and also some bank notes.

This is the shop where I found the stamps:

Filatelia Clasica - Stamp Shop in Santiago Chile - Classic Philately - Stamps, coins, silverware

Av Pedro de Valdivia 51 - (Providencia)
Santiago, Chile

Phone: (56) (2) 2317339
Website: www . filateliaclasica . cl (not working?)
Owner: Francisco Javier Salinas Concha

Example of engraved stamp by Jose Moreno Benavente. Lots of details in the image (enlarge):

- posted by Rodrigo Siqueira


Post by The Stamp Collection Postbit (2012-09-06 13:12)

From: Gary Gill
I am looking for 50 coins that are the 2008 CHIIE type. Do you have any for sale, and if so, how much? Thank you very much. 2014-05-02 22:01

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